A monthly meal funding

creative projects in San Francisco

Photo/ Dania Maxwell
the next soup
TBD Sunday in June!
Red Poppy Art House

23rd and Folsom

$15-$20 for soup + a vote
soup donated by

Jake des Voignes, Executive Chef at Local Mission Eatery and Local's Corner

submit a proposal

Maybe you’re starting a community garden or a program at a farmer's market. Or you’re a muralist with a vision for a decrepit wall. Or maybe you’re building an installation or pop-up art experience. If it makes the community a happier place, it can get funded at Soup SF.

Submissions are judged for:

  • 1) creativity
  • 2) value to community
  • 3) ability to execute

Three projects will be selected to present at each Soup for a vote by the attendees. One will be granted all of the proceeds from the meal ($500-$700).

submit your proposal
deadline: February 14th
estimated time: 10 minutes

Where does the food come from?

The efforts of great folks in the community. They donate their time to make the delicious soup so we only have to take food costs out of the $15 entry.

We'll have vegetarian soup and everything will be sourced as locally and mindfully as possible.

Why should I come?

Seriously, it's going to be awesome.

You'll get to hear about and support creative projects in our community, feast on delicious soup and commune with other equally stoked human beings.

AND we're hoping to sprinkle in a few bonus performances of music and art too.

What's the Red Poppy Art House?

They're a community art space in the Mission that hosts concerts, talks, and other events and they've been kind enough to offer their space to us for FREE. Check them out.

Is anyone making money from this event?

No. Everyone involved is putting energy into it for the love of community, creativity, art, food, the universe, etc.

what's the backstory?

We heard stories of FEAST in Brooklyn and the original Sunday Soup in Chicago. Folks were getting together, sharing a meal, having a great time and funding art projects in their communities. Sometimes a band would come and play, other times folks would share a poem or take the stage with a joke or two. We wanted some of that goodness. So, we've copied them... with blessings ;-) There's a whole network of these across the country now.

Soup SF is a volunteer effort and exercise in community, food, creativity and good times. The SF edition was instigated by a group of folks that were wanting for more chances to be with and participate in their community.

These lovely people make Soup SF happen with regularity:

  • Rahmin Sarabi
  • Katie Fahey
  • Geetika Agrawal
  • Kate Drane
  • and a whole host of others including Brigid O'Neil, Max Silverman, and Sebastian Alvarez.
  • Want to cook soup at a future meal? Help out? or start an edition in your neighborhood? Drop a line.